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Professional Wood Crafter

We bring the good people to the right place by thinking out of the mind and realizing creativity crafter based on your request.

Wood Product Custom Creativy

We created our custom wood product range to use up our wood offcuts. To be extremely efficient in using this resource and also allows our clients to experience another way of bringing beautiful creative wood into their homes.

Wood Producent Supplier

We partner producent with suppliers, furniture and homeware makers, artisans, and waste recyclers to recycle, reuse, and up-cycle waste materials into useful and beautiful products.

Furniture Wood Product Seller

The wood comes in a variety of finishes and can be installed in different styles. Finishes range from a black or dark wood parquet flooring.

Company Profile

Bali Wooden Design brings you Forest Stewardship Council 100% recycled ironwood for decking and flooring in your place. We provide various ironwood and size also. Our wood is Merbau, Maple, White Oak, and Teak. We also have done multiple projects with inspiring homeowners and notable designers. We work closely with them to create a living space filled with personalized and luxurious built-in furniture that they can proudly call their own.

PT. Bali Interior Persada will be one of the best construction companies in Indonesia with an emphasis on sustainable growth and competency building through human resource development, technology management, and good corporate governance.



Improving the competitiveness of companies in the construction service industry by developing the best services and technology to consumers in meeting stakeholder expectations.

Improving HR training to produce a quality workforce and create a conducive work environment, as well as provide good job opportunities

Bali Wooden

Our Company

Bali Wooden Design (BWD), a name that conveys the philosophy of the brand as well as the emphasis on reclaiming and recycling ironwood structures. A wood company that has a high spirit and vision for the future in the building wood industry, from year to year we accumulate valuable experience and create a set of Standard Operation Procedures (SOP) from the factory to the customer.

BWD is a trusted wood company that is ready to serve you good quality decking, flooring, ceiling, duckboard, panelling and countertops. Our products already used by houses, cafe, restaurant, villas, bungalows, hotels and others.  

With BWD, your decking holds centuries of stories, and will become a heritage to be enjoyed for generations to come, a slice of history. 

Bali Wooden

What is flooring?

This type of product is manufactured from reclaimed and recycled hardwood ironwood and designed to be used indoor on a floor. In short it is called ironwood flooring or teak flooring.

Flooring is the general term for the covering of a floor structure. It can be either permanent or temporary but often long-lasting. Materials commonly used for flooring include wood both hardwood and softwood and even antique reclaimed lumber, ceramic tile, stone, polish concrete, etc. Not to be mistaken with floor covering, which is a term to describe a material applied over a floor surface to provide a walking area.

Bali Wooden

What is decking?

It is a type of product manufactured from reclaimed and recycled solid hardwood ironwood and designed to be used outdoor. In short it is called ironwood decking or teak decking.

The decking is more common, compared to flooring. With boards laid straight and a small space in between each board for air-flow and water evacuation. The qualities and finishing of this reclaimed wood guarantee a long-lasting wooden outdoor deck and you’ll be part of the environmentally sustainable trends.

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We are very pleasant with the end result and the customer experience dealing with your company has been excellent.

Mr. Adam


Just wanted to thank you for a job well done! From beginning to end everything went smoothly. The actual installation was amazing. Timely, efficient, and perfect. We would recommend your company to anyone.


Uni Restorant
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Frequently Asked Question

Feel Free to Keep in touch with us about Bali Wooden Design Product.

Customized products: The product is created specifically for the customer according to their requirements (dimension, specification and finishing). BWD quote will be based on the specifications you provided, according to what was discussed as well. Now that everything is clear on your quote, it is time to produce.

Once we receive the signed invoice with a 50% deposit, we will begin to process your order according to factory schedule. Production times are dependent on the volume, design, material stock. Custom product will be ready for 1 month up to  3 months and ready stock approximate less than 1 month.

Guarantee up to 6 months (with notes floor maintenance as attached below)

All hardwood floors should be cleaned regularly, by simply sweep, dust mop or vacuum the floors.   Avoid using a wet mop or steam mop, as water and steam can dull the finish, or even damage the wood over long periods of time. Place throw rugs at all entrances, avoiding those with rubber backs, which can discolor wood floors.

Delivery requirements are usually discussed at the quote stage so that additional costs are included. For international orders, BWD can recommend a list of shipping companies that we use for inter-island or international shipping. Delivery for local Bali is totally free.

Start from Wood We Make A Good Creativity based on Expectation